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life is not what it's supposed to be...

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this is about aretha..who is aretha? ;-)

also the SWEET ESCAPE - i love her
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a story: there was this girl and she was coming in and everyone was just staring at her and the boy, he was wondering, what was it that made her so special? was it the eyes? was it her hair? but eventually she figured that it was everything, everything about her was so beautiful, she had pale skin and black hair and blue eyes..she was just too beautiful. she was one of these people you cant help but staring at. but then you would turn away, ashamed in a way because - you asked yourself, how can you reach that beauty? its not just about the looks its about everything, how she walked danced moved so..elegant and selfconfident. he often got sad when he was saw beautiful people. i miss beauty in my life he thought i want beauty i want beauty!

i want beauty...this is also a songtext.

here is music i want:
the fratellis?
the shout out louds
the verve
the good, the bad and the queen
ian archer - magnetic north
laura veirs - saltbreaker
mika - life in cartoon motion
glen hansard - the swell season
the frames - the cost
botanica - 3 women, no all of botanica

if i had money, if once in my life i had money..well then i wouldnt be me anymore i think.

Jessica Simpson - A Public Affair
in the video there is jessica and some other famous girls sitting in a taxi and they are like.."i wanna be famous bcause....i could have all the guys i want.." and stuff like that, then they go rollerblading in a strange club, everything is pink and horrible, jessicas lips look so cheap . the whole thing is so bad taste that its not bad taste anymore, do you get it, you dont have to.
"You're looking for a little depth in Jessica's voice or in her disco-pop-songs about sweet boys and popcorn-parties, but you're not finding it. Her barbie-music is like taste-intesifiers: everything tastes the same and in the end you feel sick."
i thought that was great! what is she trying to tell us? like, look i am as stupid as i look like? her first single, i wanna love you forever was good, then she could really sing. why is she doing all that crap if she could do better. or maybe she is still in shock from her divorce, actually she should be glad, the guy was a scare.

anyways, somewhere else i read, "with anna nicole smith, the last bad girl is gone" what??not so nice to say that.  i thought she was funny. at least she wasnt skinny. and i felt really sorry for her when her son died. her son was her EVERYTHING and then he just dies away in her arms. a "stupid, senseless death", like javier marías is writing about in his book..forgot the name. its called sth like "tomorrow in the fight think of me".

gwen stefani's son is so so cute!! he has the same brown eyes like her. and her husband is hot..and he is english too. Only one Gwen "only one Gwen you can find like this, I mean blow your mind like this
Your key won't shine like this, if it's yours then you know it won't wind like this"
"P you crazy, how'd you get this?
This sounds like disco tetris
Do I have time to connect this?
Let me check my itinerary, Ummm"

ummm i have to save money for gwenny now i HAVE TO see her..
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come on give a little love why arent you callin me back? dont get it twisted dont get clever this is the most crazy mission ever..ooo whoaaa
damien was great, but too many people, last friday the paul guy was great too..i like small things. also gwenny is coming but i dont know..so big..but then again, its GWEN!!
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music, the sweet escape..
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my mouth is full, my heart is an apple. nag nag nag. i am definately NOT made for work, why do they do that to me??! i almost got bright eyes tickets from ebay, i say almost bc im glad that somebody else got them now, i dont have money anyways! so .. but theres no band that has better lyrics in my opinion. "lua" is the greatest..when everything is lonely i can be my own best friend..with the coffee and the paper have my own conversation.. but i got some cds on ebay so...i dont have them yet tho. i am looking forward to see 2 people, i am so looking forward to see them and i almost sure it will be great and fun. im not sayin names no! take it from your heart give it in my hands..as you may have noticed, these quoted lyrics have nothing to do with the other stuff i write, just sometimes. i jut like to quote lyrics i dont know. its maybe a bit poor but well, i am not reading enough poems, or worse, writing them myself. i dont like it when everyone thinks they have to write poems! even if they just cant do it. then better write sth like blubber blubber blubber. i havent had a nightmare for like 2 days! wow. come on all your lovers underneath the covers..ooooo ooooo ooooooooo ooooo etc etc.
so what did i want to say. did i tell you about the film i saw last week.  about edith piaf,,i havent cried this much at a film since..maybe hurricane. so so sad and beautiful.

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music: wake up, by a.f.
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too much work :-(
i found 2 cds yesterday keane+destiny's child..dc reminds me of caala...lullaby lover where have you been..? nasty put some clothes on i told you, dontwalkoutta your house withoutayour clothes on i told you..ive always been so nice to you girl, helping you girl, been there for you girl..im a survivor..i dont think i can handle this! get up and dance!getupanddance! its the weekend and its time for freakin...

##also i found out (too late) darren hayes is gay! do you believe THAT?? no, but actually well he was always a bit maybe. tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!! also some great concert is coming up soonish! ACTUALLY 3 great concerts!!!!OMY.
*sings and dances psyched around the tableeee*
im so excited and i  just cant hide itttt!!!!

also i want to go to stockholm for a weekend. run run run! i must see all these hip people ahahahahhaaa! anyone who wants to come with me leaves me a note k?!

have to go bfore the internet breaks down again. saturday was terrible yesterday was great today is great and tomorrow..??

i woke up this morning the sunshine was shining i put on my happy face
i'm flyin! i'm flyin! i'm flyin! i'm flyyyyyinnnnn!

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ehm music: dc - survivor!!!
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cheerful cheerful
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smile like you mean it! oooo ooooo..smile like you mean it..ooooo ooooo
help help help help help help help help
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new york with the singer. xx
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bouncy bouncy
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i hate hate hate my neighbours, every morning someone is playing bongos and singing african songs, i mean, how sick is that?! some people would think its great, i hate it. and then someone else,,this loud music bang bang bang. and something entirely else, why dont you just go and...i mean all you..fake people just go home and..do whatever!! but the lil girl is great. even though i felt strangely shy today. i hate that.
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all i have been listening too for days and days are the beatles. everything else is making me nervous or annoys me but they i kind of..neutral. btw, i have to find something of neutral milk hotel+the good, the bad and the queen. they took that from the film "the good, the bad and the ugly" i bet. i think its with clint eastwood when he was a bit younger than now. he looked amazing, with his fine face. still does but now he looks a bit fragile as if he might die any second! oops, but would be a great grandfather!  one bad, one good thing: i cant listen to bright eyes, that makes me sad because i missed their concert. they play at the gloria too. why did i miss THAT?? they are just coming for 3 concerts i think and this one of course is SOLD OUT!! but the good thing is, i am going to see ARCADE FIRE in april!!AAAAAHHHHH. how fantastic is that?? o my. i cant wait. i am really looking forward to that. even more than damien rice! i dont know why i am not so excited about damien. weird actually, in ireland he was like, GOD. really. t. says damien rice is "a depression". haha. a nice depression anyways. i am working here and you might not guess, its working! work is working for me, thats really news.
                                       *this was around christmas in gö.  i like these pictures*

original pictures by dome (etc.)
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this is music now bc music sign is broken: kylie+beatles
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artistic artistic
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i just cant help it but i love that glamour so much. most people dont understand that but since i can remember i am into filmstars and singers, ARTISTS is a better word isnt it. with music, first was whitney, whitney was all i needed when i was a lonely 14teen year old. also lauryn hill, TLC, Destiny's child, Michael and Janet Jackson, Aretha Franklin, mariah carey, Mary J. Blige, o how i loved mary j.! that came with m, too. Gloria Gaynor..Erykah Badu, R.Kelly, Queen Latifah, The Fugees of course. Missy Elliott, The Pointer Sisters right..Faith Evans, Wyclef Jean, Nana, Monica, Brandy!! all these great ladies..i mean aretha..aretha and what she has done for them all..theres not one like aretha really. and all the others..billie, ella etc. *kiss on the cheek*
i could  go on and on..i also loved SAVAGE GARDEN+DARREN HAYES, Shania Twain..but mainly i was into "black music" and i was always reading books and books, novels and biographies and documentaries about the life of the black americans. how i watched
with maria, we must have been 14 or 15, that movie made me cry too. probably denzel washington's best role ever.
and the history of jazz..new orleans, since i am 13 i wanted to go to new orleans.there is so much great music..everything i like now, but also everything i liked back then, and even though i dont listen to hip hop anymore, there is so much great stuff there..i wish i could dance hip hop with the kids from work..theyd love it. something they can put their energy in. and all my old tapes. black eyes peas, fergie and outkast.*shake shake it shake it like a polaroid picture*

The Oscars..
jack black rocks forever! will smith+jaden+jada. when i was 13 or 14 will smith was my hero. hes so funny. i dont like his films really, just the last one but hes just a genius. alan arkin..the wierd man in "noel" and he won best supporting actor in little miss sunshine. queen latifah is great, shes just like..eh hej people..im schhhtrangely relaxed tonite..and nicole k. but daniel craig is arrogant. forest whitaker..what he said, et moi,...lagrimas. jennifer hudson too. she is even better than beyoncé, she has way more voice than her.

to me, all this is about is inspiration art greatness values love music etc..i dont care if some people think its superficial. anyways, enough now..*the stuff dreams are made off*

check out  the klaxons. i will put on some links of amazing things as soon as i find the other paper i wrote everything down on.
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this is my new screen. beautiful innit.
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